Criteria for choosing insulation

To ensure high-quality insulation, it is necessary to refer only to those materials that are able to give a truly high thermal insulation. But there are other requirements that are presented to the choice of such means of protecting the home from the cold. They should be analyzed in more detail.

Since water falls on the insulation too often, and the steam acts constantly, the material used should tolerate the effects of moisture well. In this regard, polystyrene and polystyrene foam. They react absolutely neutrally to contact with moisture and do not deteriorate from it. Recently, fastened racks are often installed in more detail about them will not be superfluous.

Also, the material for insulation should not burn, since high fire hazard is regarded as a strong negative property. And the same polystyrene in this regard is already completely losing to mineral cotton wool. Although, according to thermal insulation characteristics, they are approximately equal.

So that the laying procedure passes without problems, the installation of the selected material should be characterized by maximum simplicity. Both foam and mineral wool are laid with approximately the same labor costs. Only in the case of the second material, work clothes are needed, since mineral crumbs sprinkle from it.