Correct color for the kitchen

The interior of the kitchen is important for any person, because it is in this room that we eat, cook food, often gather in the family circle, take guests, and sometimes do some work. Color plays a huge role in creating an impression and a certain mood, so it is very important to choose the right shades correctly. It will not be superfluous at leisure to find out more about a sheet of galvanized steel it is used mainly in the construction of houses.

Dark colors visually narrow the room, and, as you know, most of the kitchens of our apartments are already not pleasing. For small kitchens, light shades are recommended, but you should not fit hard on bright and pure colors. They quickly get bored, can tire and irritate. Delicate, pastel, muffled shades – what will really be appropriate in a small kitchen. Spacious rooms require a slightly different approach: you can not choose cold tones, otherwise there is a cold impression of the clinical ward.

Do not forget how color affects the psychological state of a person. For example, red is considered aggressive, but charges with energy, raises mood, invigorates and increases appetite. Blue has the opposite effect: pacifies, soothes, reduces appetite, but it is better to use it for spacious and sunny kitchens. Green is considered almost perfect – it excites appetite, actively promotes digestion, and raises the mood.