Cork coating: varieties

The cork coating is environmentally friendly, durable material, can be used for external finishes, as well as for additional sound – and thermal insulation.

The cork coating will give a unique and original appearance to any interior, thanks to the wide range of colors and the variety of textures.

Camping coatings are used not only in design, but also in construction, which is due to its physical properties: low heat – and sound conductivity, water resistance, chemical resistance, refractory and elasticity.

There are various types of cork coatings. Based on the budget and preferences, you can choose the right type.

The simplest product from the cork is cork wallpaper. Cork wallpapers are made of crushed cork wood, applied to a paper base. The main advantage of this variety of cork coating is simplified installation, due not only to elasticity, but also a slight weight. Anyone who came across glittering simple wallpapers will be able to paste out cork wallpapers. But this product also has a number of disadvantages: it is extremely not recommended to glue cork wallpaper in wet rooms, and they also have high thermal conductivity. Another type of cork coating – cork panels, has a number of advantages inherent in the cork wood. Can be used not only for flooring, but also ceiling, walls. But has more compared to cork wallpaper, installation technology.