Cork coating for decoration of premises

Along with a huge variety of finishing materials intended for the interior decoration of the coating room from the material, which includes cork oak bark is in great demand. A cork oak grows in Portugal, which is processed in a fine -grained or with a pronounced cork pattern of raw materials. This material is stained in brown tones if necessary. Prepared chips are pressed in sheets with 2-6 mm thickness. Then the sheets are treated with a protective wax coating, which prevents moisture from entering the inner layer of the sheet.

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The cork coating fits well into the interior of the apartment and harmonizes with other materials used in the decoration of the room.

When you expect how many sheets you need to take for the decoration of a certain room, you must always take with a margin of 1.5 m

This material is attached to the surface of the wall using a special mastic. But before you start finishing work, it is necessary so that the right room has a plus temperature. In this case, the sheets of finishing material should be in this room for at least two days to purchase the temperature of the room.