Copper roof: Effectively and reliably

The modern building materials market today offers roofing materials of various costs that can satisfy every taste and wishes.

Among them I would like to especially highlight a copper roofing, which is one of the most expensive and durable materials. It is known that copper does not lend itself to any corrosion, and therefore, its cost is much higher than all other coatings. In your free time, you can find out about the services of the site

A solid crate is prepared for copper coating. Laying copper plates begins on the edge of the roof slope. The mounting of the plates between the method of folding, which can be single or double. The height of the fold is approximately 20 mm.

The collected stripes from the plates are fixed to the crate using the Klyammers, which are also made of copper. One end of Klyammer is attached to the fack, the other to the crate.

It is recommended to fasten the coating of the coating with a step of 400 mm. The remaining structural elements of the roof are performed taking into account the design calculation of the roof. If necessary, you can use various silicone sealants.

Copper belongs to soft and elastic materials. Therefore, many elements of the roof in the form of gutters, castings, cornices and other products can be made at the place of waste remaining from the copper strip.

As a result, expensive roofing material, as it were, is also economical.