Copper as roofing material

From very ancient times, copper has been used as roofing material. It remains a very popular and sought -after roofing in the modern construction market today. Thanks to modern production technologies, this material appears to us in a completely new light. Copper can be used to arrange roofs with the most difficult configuration.

More since ancient times in Rus’ the house was covered with copper and iron. To date, copper in conjunction with roofing membranes has become one of the most popular roofing coatings. Several main advantages of copper can be distinguished: first of all, it is its unsurpassed strength. This material is especially resistant to atmospheric influences and mechanical stress. Copper is very durable material.

The service life of such a coating is determined in 130-150 years, in fact it will last much longer. Copper is absolutely not subject to corrosion. Is an absolutely environmentally friendly material. This material is very easy to process, due to its flexibility, it is often used to arrange roofs with a rather complicated roof configuration. This material can be considered quite economical, if you do the installation of the roof right once, then for the entire service life of this material you can forget about its existence. The house covered with copper looks quite stylish and beautiful.