Cooking bitumen cold mastic

For sticker materials of a rolled type, puffing them with each other and the creation of peculiar protective coatings during construction and repair, special mastics are used. The mastics, which are based on bitumen, are most often attached by permamine and roofing material, tole or only-leather glue on tar mastics. To get 5 kg of cold mastic, 2.5 kg of bitumen BN-90/10 (brand 5), 1.5 kg of kerosene and green oil and about 1 kg of small asbestos filler are taken.

Bitumes are loaded into a special boiler in small pieces, which, for fire safety purposes, is better to be wrapped with bricks, and heats up on fire until it completely melts and foam formation will stop. If at the same time, any incomprehensible impurities will float to the surface, then it is better to remove them with a mesh stretched onto the wire or attached to a long stick of a metal jar with a sore hole with a bottom. Then the fire should be extinguished with water and add kerosene and oil to the mixture in small parts, and then asbestos filler. At the same time, everything is very good and continuously mixing.

The mastic prepared in this way must be drained into a tightly closed dish.