Cons of united space

Many people suffer due to crowding in Khrushchevs. A family of three people is already difficult to fit in seven, or even five square meters of small -sized cuisine. Therefore, the only solution comes to mind – to combine the kitchen and the adjacent room.

The resulting bright and spacious room with a large table is a pink dream of any mistress.

However, the numerous advantages of such redevelopment easily turn into its disadvantages.

There will be less for one room in the apartment. So if the remaining rooms are not enough for all family members, someone sooner or later will have to move to the kitchen-living kitchen.

The whole process of cooking and cleaning the kitchen will occur in the eyes of home, which is sometimes very annoying, especially if it is too attentive mother -in -law.

Everyone knows that the dirtiest floor in the kitchen. So you have to sweep or wash it every day. And dirty dishes will interfere with calmly watching TV.

While cooking, smells will be in the whole living room. They can neutralize a good hood, but even the best of them still creates a noise.

Get ready for the refrigerator will work especially loudly at night. And a mixer, a meat grinder, microwave, a coffee maker will do this even louder during the day. Yes, and when the dishes are thundered, it is not very comfortable watching TV.

As you can see, the unification of space has serious disadvantages, so it is worth making seven times before deciding to this step.