Composition and advantages over gas blocks

Penoblock is a cut or mold block of certain sizes and masses used for heat, sound insulation, as well as structural construction. This building material is made of cement, sand, water and foaming agent. The last component is a liquid on an inorganic or organic basis of dark brown color. It is considered a chemically clean and completely harmless product for the environment. Often the properties of foam blocks are improved using Fiberia, hardeners and plasticizers.

The main advantage of this material is its low cost. By the way, you can see what formed on foam blocks the price on the Penobloki-Buying website. In addition, this building material is able to withstand pressure 25 kilograms per square centimeter. When creating parapets with a length of more than three meters and a height of one meter, it is necessary to make a reinforcing belt between the blocks in order to reduce the likelihood of rocking masonry in the future.

Foam blocks have higher heat -shielding characteristics than gas blocks, since foam concrete has a closed structure. Foam concrete blocks are capable of swimming on the surface of water, unlike aerated concrete, therefore, in places of high humidity, it is recommended to use this particular material.