Coloring metal roof with water-dispersion compositions

Traditionally, enamels were used for the painting of metal surfaces that created a protective coating, but at the same time they were unstable to heating and exuded extremely harmful for the health of evaporation during painting. Today there is an alternative in the form of water-dispersion colors, which completely cope with the functions of protecting the metal from corrosion, while practically nothing smells, and you can work with them without protecting the respiratory system, both in the closed room and outdoor air. Even this type of metal-as a metal roof can be painted with water-dispersion colors, if at the same time, all the surface was carefully covered with a special primer, which acts as a protective barrier between water and metal, and also contributes to a high degree of adhesion between metal and paint. By the way, do not forget to calculate the cost of metal structures.

If the color is performed not on a new roof, but according to the rust previously painted with traces, then a special soil with a rust converter is used, which covers the entire surface of the metal after preliminary cleaning from the old coating. The additional advantage of just such a coating is high fire safety, since it does not burn.