Closet. Excellent purchase

The history of the cabinets of the coupe originates in the already distant nineteenth century. But they acquired world fame in the last century. At the moment, in almost every house in hundreds of different states of the world, you can see these functional and stylish cabinets, known in our country called wardrobes.

In Russia, wardrobes-wardrobes, a fairly long period of time fell from abroad (for example, from Great Britain), representing an element of luxury in the interior rather. The situation has changed after the launch of its own production in the mid -nineties of the XX century. It was precisely at this time that production began to arise, the products of which were almost inferior to foreign counterparts. Today we have the opportunity to purchase both a standard wardrobe and an individual wardrobe for a personal order.

Many buyers have a lot of questions at the stage of planning a wardrobe purchase. Which cabinet to give preference? What are the key differences in models? Where is it better to put a wardrobe?

There are two main types of wardrobes:

Standard wardrobes.

Standard wardrobes are meant wardrobes-compresses of typical sizes. The direction of standard wardrobes-wardrobes in recent years has been demonstrating the rapid development. The reason for this is the low cost and efficiency of manufacturing. The assembly of such products is carried out from high -quality materials, and they themselves have a simple and concise design, which makes it possible to fit well into almost any interior.

Individual wardrobe for personal order.

As it is easy to guess, individual wardrobes are understood as wardrobes-wardrobes made by a separate order. Such cabinets are made taking into account all the wishes of the customer to the dimensions, configuration, shape and appearance. A wardrobe to order can boast of a unique design and become an impeccable addition to any furniture already in the room. To create such a cabinet, an individual project is done, where all the requirements and wishes of the buyer are made.

The production of wardrobes to order is individual, therefore it is natural that the finished product will cost more than a standard wardrobe. However, the history of cabinets indicates that the result justifies the means. You will become the owner of an exclusive wardrobe, which is created according to your idea. The internal configuration of the wardrobe will comply with all previously established requirements. If, for example, to order a wardrobe for clothes, then in it a suitable way for you will be placed shoulders for outerwear, section for bags and shelf for hats, shoes, various accessories and hostel.