Climate windows control

You decided to install windows from PVC. The solution is good, but among all the positive qualities they have one non -tenderness – there is no flow of fresh air. In wooden windows, the flow of oxygen was carried out through the cracks in the windows, so the draft arose, plastic windows exclude drafts, and in order for oxygen to get into the room, the climate window will help control.

Everyone understands that having opened the window, the flow of fresh air will immediately begin into the room, but the drafts are the cause of the cold. Now the Russian market offers an elegant solution that solves the problems of open windows and ventilate the room. How the climate window works control?

Everything is simple. A special valve is installed in the window profile. The most common in the Russian market today are Air-Box window valves from the Comfort series.

These valves restore the air exchange between the street and the room. The operation of the device is silent, throughput – up to 2 cubic meters per hour. The air enters special window holes from the street, after which the air is heated due to heat exchange and enters the room through special valves. Such valves have special shutters covering the valve in strong winds than help to avoid drafts. Climate valves do not consume electricity.