Climate control system in plastic structures

It is amazing how functional modern plastic profiles become. In addition to impact resistance and sound insulation, they are also able to adjust the room temperature almost the same as air conditioners. The profile with protection against cold is able to provide comfortable conditions of the house even in the most severe winter. Novelty-windows equipped with a climate control system. When forming condensate windows. Talks about unimportant ventilation in the apartment, respectively, the humidity is increased.

This situation is perfect for some plant species, but not for humans. Excessive stuffiness can negatively affect health, which is why climate control is used. This system is widely used not only foreign, but also by Russian manufacturers of plastic profiles. Due to the presence of a climate control system, the window can last much longer.

Now more about technology. A device intended for air circulation is mounted in the frame, and this does not affect the loss of heat. Thermal insulation is not disturbed due to the presence of an automatic valve, which opens to penetrate the air and closes when the warm air tries to go outside. The system can be mounted in an existing design and even in the door.