Chairs of Patricia Urcuola | Designer things

Spanish designer Patricia Urcuola released a new collection under the original name “Return of the Chairs”. The collection was made for “Cartel”. It seems that designer Patricia Urcuola is a sorceress. She looks at the classic Windsor chair and … very subtly and gracefully modernizes him. The designer draws inspiration, peering into antique English furniture from the eighteenth century. And it turns out an original chair, the back of which is narrowing from above, not too thin and not too thick rods, seven of them, as if gently hugging a sitting. And the hands are unconsciously located on comfortable armrests. And despite its, quite dark, the color and capacity of the chair seems absolutely air.

For the manufacture of his “antique” chairs in the English style, the designer tries to use the most modern technologies. Therefore, the furniture of this designer is not only very beautiful, but also practical, functional. The expositions of Patricia Urcuola are very popular with visitors to design exhibitions, especially in France and Italy.