Cement-sand tile production process

Among the owners of elite suburban housing, cement-sand tiles are not in small demand. There is nothing surprising, because it is durable and durable, and also is made from environmentally friendly natural materials. For the manufacture of cement-sand tiles, raw materials are very thorough, it includes sand and cement. High -quality material is the key that this tile will last many years.

Highly qualified specialists with high experience in this area work on the production of this tile. The quality, strength and reliability of the manufactured tile depends on their work and responsibility for their business. A large amount of time goes to the selection of high -quality main components, which are cement and sand. Then the components must be correctly mixed, for this there are established proportions and order. Only as a result of compliance with all the rules is a high -quality tile is obtained. Over the years, cement-sand tiles do not lose its original qualities, and does not fade. Due to the fact that a special coloring pigment is added to the mixture for the production of tiles, it has been pleasing to those around her initial brightness and beauty for many years.

This type of tile is absolutely not afraid of heavy rains, hail and strong wind, since a special seal protects it from any mechanical damage.