Buying a land plot in property

Having bought a land plot for themselves, most people think that the land is all mine and that I want it and build on this site. It is possible to build a house like this, but if you look from a legal point of view, the structure will be illegal, which, by decision of the court, can simply be demolished. The second building, built without permits, cannot be sold in the future. As a result, it turns out that there is a plot with a built house, and you can sell only a site. In order to build your private house, you need to do the following. Also, after construction, measurements of the premises should be carried out.

Go to the local organization and get the district’s request for the fact that you can start building a house. There are two copies. To do this, you need to prepare documents, such as the certificate, on the ground, of course, a passport, an application addressed to the head of the village council that you can start building a house. After you need to immediately start the development of a project at home. If the house will be built under the organization’s project, the organization must have a license you get a copy of the license and the house project. These documents must be assured from the construction and design organization. To place an order for the manufacture of the project, you need to order a section of the site with its binding of the house itself in a scale of one to five hundred.