Buy a high -quality gas concrete simply

Aerated concrete is a cellular concrete, which is an artificial stone, on its entire surface there are holes-rips that are located along the entire surface.

Aerated concrete is based on cement, gas former and quartz sand, gypsum, lime, ash, slag can be added. All raw materials are mixed and then poured into special forms. Further, the connection of water with gas formers provides the opportunity to release hydrogen, which is the reason for the formation of the. Further, hardening occurs and aerated concrete is almost ready.

The resulting product is processed by steam in a special autoclave and dried. The process of formation of aerated concrete itself is simple, but it is strictly monitored. As a result, a perfectly created artificial stone enters the market.

As soon as the material is ready, it is sent for sale. If you need to buy aerated concrete, you should first clarify its properties and classification. Only in that case you can purchase material necessary quality.

Use aerated concrete during the construction of housing and other varieties of buildings. Since he has good characteristics, they are still actively trying to introduce into everyday life. The resulting structures make it possible to save both the premises and the finishes.