Building cottages from foam block

With the development of modern technologies, the quality of human life on Earth is improved every day. Development can be traced by how housing houses were built. At first they were erected from wood, then they began to make brick and concrete houses, and in the twenty -first century, dense development of houses from foam blocks began.

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To create this wonderful building material, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. First you should knead sand, water and ordinary cement. Then it is necessary to add a universal foaming substance to the resulting mixture that helps create foam. Then everything is done simply, the resulting mixture must be poured into special prepared forms and let it cool and how to freeze. After that, the received foam block is best cut into the necessary parts with which you can start building your own home.

The main advantages of houses from such material are better soundproofing. Pentlocks are also able to hold heat in the house, which is so necessary in the winter season. It is worth noting that this material is very safe in terms of ecology.