Building a bath with your own hands

Many people have their own land. And for sure, every person dreams that there was a bathhouse on this site.

The bathhouse is best to build closer to the water source, for example, to the lake or river. But if there is no natural water source, then you can connect and stretch the hose from the pipeline. This is done by most people who build a bathhouse on their site.

As for the building material for the bath, it must be built exclusively from wood. Bear a bar in construction stores or order via the Internet.

It is undesirable to build the foundation for the bath, because the used water will have nowhere to run away. But if you still lay the foundation, you will need to make a drain pipe.

According to Russian traditions, the beam is laid by the “well” method. This method is built on the principle of a square. So your bath will be simple for the longest.

Between the beam, so that it is warm, put the insulation material, such as moss. Moss is quite durable and passes the heat little.

As for the stove, it is best to take stainless steel. Stainless stove is wonderful for a wooden bathhouse. So safer, and will come out at all inexpensively than to purchase stone or brick furnace.