Basic questions about boardwalks

Doned floors are very often used for flooring in a variety of rooms. You can learn a lot of interesting things about these floors, but most people are interested in how to arrange such floors?

If the step of such floors does not differ in a large width, then the floors can be laid directly along the beams. If the beams are rarely located, then you need to create lags of a certain step, and then fill the boards. The floor should not bend, so make sure that the boards tightly fit the beams. When laying the lag under the floor boards, you need to pay attention to a number of nuances. Step for boards of medium thickness should be about 80 cm. If the boards are quite thick, then the step can be increased to a meter. Using the level, it is necessary to check the flatness of the floor surface, because the wooden floor should not have a slope at all.

Dumped floors can be laid in a way, similar to laying parquet. The first board should have a nail in the middle, the second board is applied to the first so that the groove is dressed on a comb, and the board itself presses with the help of wedges. We score nails into the extreme lags, and then to those that remained. When choosing floor boards, check that they do not have bugs and cracks, as well as various manifestations of the fungus.

Dumped floors can be put in any room of your house, and even on the balcony. By the way, the glazing of balconies is also very necessary, because on the balcony you can create a very cozy place for a real rest. When glazing balconies, it is best to use the services of professionals.