Basic methods of laying carpet tiles

Before laying the tile, you need to determine its location. To do this, you need to find the center of the room. It is searched in the following way. It should be noted on two neighboring walls the center, then connect the centers of the opposite sides with the help of tightly stretched cords. The cords must be tightly fixed to skirting boards. In the place where they cross, and there will be the center of the room. After the central lines are determined, 2 rows of tiles should be laid, pressing them tightly with each other, along the line of guide cords. If the dimensions of the tiles in walls are less than half the length of the tile, then this row should be shifted until the desired result is obtained. After repair, you can buy essential hair and skin oils.

After all the tiles are properly placed, the cords should be rubbed with chalk and attach them to the floor so that 2 guide lines are obtained. Before laying the first row of tiles, you need to remove the cords. The first tile must be tightly fixed with bilateral tape, paying attention to the direction of the pile (arrow on the back of the tile). The remaining parts must be placed, pressing tightly to the adjacent tiles, along the guide line. When laying carpet tiles, you need to pay special attention to ensuring that all the arrows indicated on the back of the tiles “look” in one direction.