Azure Palace in the suburbs of St. Petersburg

Which association visits your head with the word “palace”? Something grandiose, solid, beautiful and memorable. Thoughts of something incredible, isn’t it so?

And so our “Cote d’Azur” is a colossal house in which you can settle, justify and live. Live beautifully or restraint only to you. But every citizen will be able to get apartments in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, including a person with an average income, as we provide a high -quality apartment for appropriate capital.

The scale of the housing of apartments in the suburbs of St. Petersburg from 24 to 78 square meters. m – a great selection for killing any needs. The palace will be connected to urban electric networks, gas supply and water supply, as well as to the main heating of the city.

The construction of the “Azure Palace” began in the spring of 2012, according to the plan by the end of December, tenants will be able to settle and live in such a beautiful place.

This palace is placed in a magnificent place, 15 minutes walk from the Berngardovka station. To see how the construction of the facility goes, everyone will be able to on weekdays, signing up for a presentation with a departure for the construction of the “Azure Palace”.