Apartment where there are no extra things

When you place furniture in the apartment, you should remember first of all that the interior should have only the most necessary objects that you will constantly use. Things that you do not use only occupy an extra place, interfere and shy of you, and give the apartment a cluttered look. To increase the free area of ​​an apartment or room, it is most advisable to group furniture in accordance with its purpose.

If you have a furniture “wall”, then it will replace a large number of different objects – cabinets for clothes, linen, books, household items and dishes. The thrown secretary replaces the desk, and you can put a TV or music center on open shelves. True, today many prefer to buy a tumu TV of various configurations, depending on the size and shape of the TV in the cabinet septum, individual objects seem to stick closely, the gaps between them disappeared, and due to this a rather significant area was released, previously disappeared.

If a place allows, you can arrange a corner for relaxation and entertainment.

Convenient soft chairs, music center, TV, small table, table lamp or floor lamp – a place where you can sit with a book, watch a movie, receive guests.