Advantages of wooden houses from Lespromstroy

Wood is the best natural isolation material, that nature can offer us. Nevertheless, this does not mean that when you return home to heat it, you need to increase the thickness of the wall in total. Here, as in all alternative forms of construction, you should not ignore the rules of the roof and insulation of the floor and use correctly selected windows and doors.

When the question is about the decoration of the outer surfaces of wooden walls, you can use materials to protect wood from insects, mold and fire. These materials are still well represented in the woodworking market. For the construction of a wooden house, you can use all types of foundations. But first you need to determine the characteristics of the soil or the construction site to find out what type is suitable for you.

There are special requirements for installing communication channels?

No, you can use all traditional solutions to install communication in the construction of wooden houses.

It is necessary to install a wooden house, only in the summer?

No, one of the largest advantages of wooden houses is the opportunity to build it during the year.

How long the wooden houses are?

If the house is carefully and correctly care for, then its minimum service life, one hundred years. No wonder, in Russia, the USA, Canada and in Europe, most residential buildings are wooden.