Advantages of suspended ceilings

Hanging ceilings today are very popular. These are designs that are based on the construction of the frame, which is subsequently sheathed with drywall, plastic, pulled with special material. Regardless of the material that is used for the ceiling, all suspended structures have common features that can be safely called their advantages.

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The old ceiling before installing the suspension structure can not be touched at all, not prepared in any way, leave the old finish on it. All flaws, irregularities, cracks and other defects will be hidden under the suspended structure. In addition, under the frame it will also be possible to hide the elements of electrical wiring, ventilation grilles, pipes, etc. D.

In addition, if earlier the maximum light could be located in the center (chandelier), today lighting devices on suspended ceilings can be installed anywhere. This allows you to divide the room into separate residential areas, emphasize lighting in some of these zones and muffle it in others

Another advantage of suspended ceilings is the fast speed of their installation. Experienced specialists can cope with such a task in just a few hours.