Advantages of aerated concrete blocks

Recently, gas concrete blocks have become very popular building material. This is no coincidence. The material itself was invented back in the middle of the last century in Germany, but only now gained wide fame in our country.

Initially, he was not very trusted because of too lightweight, not a very reliable appearance. But, numerous studies, as well as practice, have shown that this material can be safely trusted. It is absolutely safe and reliable.

What are their advantages over other materials? The main advantages include the following: • Affordable price • Light weight • Durability • High thermal insulation qualities • High sound insulation qualities • Environmental safety

Due to the fact that blocks weigh less than classic slag blocks or ashes, builders are much easier to work with them. They are easier to lift, less forces are spent, therefore, the builders get tired more slowly, which allows you to increase the speed of the walls of the walls.

Instead of a cement mortar, a special glue is used. Thanks to this, there are practically no gaps at the joints, which also allows you to increase heat – and the soundproof characteristics of the object.