Advantages of a multi -level ceiling

In multi -level ceilings, there are a number of functions and advantages. Zoning is considered one of the most popular. It is used in two cases. The first is when the walls are removed and several rooms are combined into one large, in which case it is very rational to use a multi -level ceiling. And the second point is when, on the contrary, they want to distinguish between the room into several zones: rest, meal or work. Diping or raising the ceiling, you make it clear that, for example, the living room zone ended and the dining room began. Or raising his head up, and seeing the rounded shape of the ceiling, you can decide that the kitchen began. You can create special tracks on a multi -level ceiling, which will smoothly flow from one zone to another.

Combining such a technique in one room, you must not forget that the ceiling should be combined with the floor and walls. On the floor you can create special catwalks that will also distinguish between the space or apply another color material for floor decoration. Modern companies existing in the market for more than one day will be able to create a ceiling that will correspond and meet all your requests.